Suffolk Axis offers friendship, support, day activities, outings, and respite to older people including adults with physical and/or Sensory disabilities

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Revolving Around You

We began with a small group of adults who had physical / sensory disabilities and who wanted to have a place they could meet together. It was established as a service-user led organisation, and today each participant is actively involved in some aspect of the charity. For this reason we adopted the phase ‘Revolving Around You’, and where possible, we look to include the many and varied interests and support needs to each person.

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Hearing Impairment

For members who have a hearing impairment we have a support team able to use various communication methods and always willing to learn to communicate with you as you prefer, so you can join in the activities you wish to.

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For any other requirements, we are always happy to find the best way to ensure you enjoy the sessions. Some of our members do bring their own carers with them for support and this can be agreed at the assessment stage.


For those members of Suffolk Axis who have mobility issues requiring the use of wheelchairs, rollators (walkers) or walking sticks, our support staff are trained in moving and handling, and in the use of hoists and stand-aids if required for personal care.


For those members of Suffolk Axis who have visual and hearing impairment(s), our support staff are trained in the use of fingerspelling.