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Spring 2021









Spring has sprung!
We had such fun making decoupage flower pots and planting plants in them. They looked so beautiful in the window, soaking up the sun. Can you name the plant? We have enjoyed new age curling, a fitness session and bingo to name but a few activities since we have been able to meet again. Beccy led us in a wonderful, relaxing mindfulness session. We are always interested in new ideas for activities if you have some good ideas to share.









Farewell Monica

We have wished Monica a fond farewell and happy retirement at the same time as welcoming our new manager, Fran.

Monica gave 9 years to Axis and touched many hearts. We have every confidence that Fran will uphold the high standards we enjoy at Axis.









Good food, good times

We are delighted that Caspers Catering and Cakes will be supplying our lunches. Casper formerly of The Mix has a wealth of experience and has built a strong catering business..

Joke of the month..

Why can’t your nose be 12 inches long?

Because then it would be a foot!


Did you know?

Red Gables was build for Mr Eustace Carey Prentice in the 1850’s. It was known as Lockington House in the first world war when it was owned by Mrs Story. In 1925 it was called Red Gables and owned by Mrs Savory. In 1939 Octavious Seaman built the town a library which is where we now meet on Tuesdays and Thursdays.


Coming up in June..

Baking, Art sessions, Bingo, Games and more..